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LTI 1.1.x specifies OAuth 1.0, library sends oauth_version: 1.1 (specification says: 1.0)


Hello Andy,
One of the LTI providers we try to connect with has informed me that they have issues parsing our LTI Launch because they expect the launch parameter oauth_version to contain 1.0. Our consumer based on your library sends oauth_version: 1.1.

If you have set it to 1.1 for a reason, perhaps it would be good to introduce a setting. If not, and you agree it should be 1.0, please fix.

Jeroen Habets
Software Development Manager
Noordhoff Health/PAT
Closed Sep 27, 2014 at 5:53 PM by afmiller


afmiller wrote Sep 27, 2014 at 5:52 PM

Hello Jeroen,[0A][0A]I checked the code and verified that I am using "1.0":[0A][0A]LtiRequest.cs[0A]OAuthConstants.cs[0A][0A]I also used Fiddler to inspect the actual request and confirmed that oauth_version=1.0 is sent. And I could not find the string "1.1" in the LtiLibrary source code.[0A][0A]I think oauth_version 1.1 is coming from somewhere else.[0A][0A]Andy[0A]